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Our Story

A modern life is a race against time. With the current technology leap, people are so technically competent that those who are unable to adapt to this pace are left behind. Being a third world country, the IT industry in Nepal is booming, with countless developers, engineers and IT graduates coming every other day with comparable job opportunities. People’s potential have skyrocketed with the adaptation, with so many national heroes acclaimed globally. However, as a patriarchal society it may be, the situation of females in the IT industry have yet to come to a neutral point. There is quite a lot to take into consideration when a female enters a field that has been a male dominated over the years.

It is very uncommon to say that there hasn’t been organizations to eradicate, if not minimize the everlasting conundrum of females in the technical field. There has been continuous effort to create an impact with workshops, fellowships, awareness programs and opportunities throughout and these works have been commendable to be honest. But having to maintain their work and home life simultaneously, it’s quite difficult for a female to get the right exposure and opportunity as to that of male. Even though a female enters the industry, she faces problems from trivial cases to recruiting and retention issues. A female has to overcome the created lack of confidence, discrimination and so called ‘inability’ to adapt essential skills just to get accustomed to the system. The orthodox thought of how a woman should handle the house and family still prevails today hindering them to achieve what they truly desire.

CodeRush, with a view to narrow down the gap between females and the IT industry, has been established to provide necessary and essential skills by training, mentorships and even internships to females. With proper grooming and guidance in the early stages of their career, females will learn to match the world, compete and come out stronger. CodeRush has been established to help such young females who think they can win, and so shall they. CodeRush, thus, helps fellow females to tackle gender stereotypes by exemplifying themselves. It aims to provide females a platform, an opportunity, a pathway that guides them to what it takes to be the next role model.

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Code Rush envisions one day, female technical leaders are capable enough to drive the technical industry and compete on the international market by bridging the huge gap with the national level market.


With proper grooming and guidance in the early stages of their career, Code Rush operates as a platform for females to learn, compete, and stand out to narrow down the gap between females and the technology industry.

About Me

Message from CEO

Hello, I am Astha Sharma and I co-founded Code Rush in 2019. Every day I aim to learn and grow with my teammates. The journey so far has been a great experience. I aim to make a society where there is no gender gap.

Why we exist?

  • To create more technically sound females in the industry
  • To produce competent resources through quality training and education program
  • To fulfill the professional and academics gap